City Bike and Family Rental Bike in Denmark — Copenhagenbikerental

City Bike and Family Rental Bike in Denmark — Copenhagenbikerental

Our Copenhagen City Bike is Good look for traverse the city and the bikes are exact to appreciate an day-to-day travel.

City Bikes are the most rest bikes when it near to cycling. We have them in a quality size and in a little size.

Bike Design

Our City Bike has 3 gears and a basket in front to carry your bag. It is provided that with a lock & attractive brightness, both front and back. The saddle is convertible. Our standard bikes have a rear brake on the handlebar and reverse pedal brakes.

Family bike rental Denmark
Are you a family, is one of your group disabled or are you designing an event such as a bachelorette party? If one of you can travel a bike this type of bicycle is excellent for fit.

Our Copenhagen family bikes are also a surprising for children on the panel. This bike will provide you an amazing family experience.

Bike Design:

Copenhagen Family bikes have 7 gears, front and Good back brakes, lock & lights are amazing. The saddle is variable . 1 person can ride the bike and 2 people can sit on it. If the weather is cool we have a coat and covering them and they will keep you hot & you will still have a wonderful experience.

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