Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

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sherif Shortcut says:

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Manuela Pisati Team says:

Online shop vs traditional shop

Philippine Outsourcer says:

Very nice comparison. This really happens nowadays especially that online
marketing have grown rapidly. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Getsocio says:

*Great Youtube video about the power of Internet Marketing both forlocal
and online business. Think local but act global!*

Operion M'Sia says:

It’s a good video..
Good for marketing studies people.. 

Philippine Outsourcer says:

going global, this is exactly the advantage of internet marketing and why
it is the future of marketing. Almost everyone around the world has access
to the internet, so that means the more you can reach your target market
easily and conveniently, nice and visually appealing summary and

Genialy Agency says:

▶ Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – YouTube

Innonline Solution says:

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing?

Kody Rene says:

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

todayman11 says:

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Complete Outsourcing says:

Interesting video. The principles of traditional marketing is still the
bases of the new other ways of marketing like online. What changes is only
the tool being used.

how to become an internet marketer and win says:

Plenty of opportunity out there for people who keep an open mind and
embrace the future

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Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

sunil jaiswar says:

really good and informative

Augusto Schmidt says:

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Judith Blakey says:

Which Type of Marketing Is Best?

Before the development of the Internet, marketing a product or a service
was pretty cut and dry – tv, radio, mail and direct sales. Now that the age
of Internet has swooped in, the majority of consumers expect a customized
marketing message with value. So which is it? Is Internet marketing better
than traditional marketing or vice versa?

Heba El Masry says:
Brian Shaffer says:

Simple, to the point and slightly under a south-park influence…

onlinetweaks says:

Awesome explanation !!!

Nazelist says:

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Sijo Joy says:

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CliqueRevolution says:

Think local and act global! Very good animation. It’s a great video that
proves– online marketing + SEO = Success!

Kudo Metrics says:

Online Vs Traditional Marketing
Do You Agree ? 

MarketingWeekly says:

Cool video about the advantages of online marketing. Read more at

Rina Ashton says:

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Melon Media says:

Difference of online & traditional marketing 

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AlSoukAlSaudi says:

What are the benefits of online advertising – Business Directory – Local
Online Directory?

Anil Datheputhe says:

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MarkuzSergion says:

This is how it’s done today!

ramenisgood4u says:

So the message is… fire all your local employees? ?

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Hello, I'm (InsertNameHere) says:

Joey has so many “NICE” things.

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Anders Hasle Nielsen says:

Nice video. Created in after effects?

shannenjeck23 says:

nowadays…many businessmen uses internet or online marketing to advertise
or sell their products. many of us are busy person … we dont want to
waste are time going outside to shop..we go online so no time will be waste.

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