Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, Macmixing (and more!) Share SEO Secrets

Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, Macmixing (and more!) Share SEO Secrets

YouTube’s top tech channels share their most important SEO secrets to prepare their videos before they go live on the platform. Thanks to Austin Evans, Lewis…



David Di Franco says:

Great video! I couldn’t agree more with Dom. ALWAYS preview your videos
before making them live. This is the easiest thing a content creator can
do. I’ve seen too many people make the mistake of not watching before

Matthew Pearce says:

Really great stuff.

Unbox Therapy says:

Amazed you were able to turn this into something coherent. Haha good times.

PhoneBuff says:


iTalkApple says:

This helped me out; thanks for posting it!

macmixing says:

The best videos are shot in parking lots at 4 a.m. Don’t ever let anyone
tell you otherwise.

Tech4Geeks says:

Some great tips here. Great job on the editing too Amy!

Live Tech Australia says:

Great video +Savvy Sexy Social. I use very similar techniques as +Jonathan

Snazzy Labs says:

Props. This is a very well done video, Amy. It’s always nice to see what
tactics my friends are using to gain all their YT fame. I admit, I’ve
slacked on a few of these and will be getting back into it. I like Jon’s
idea of tag correlation. Never thought about that.

Jonathan Morrison says:

Lotta great info in here! #knowledgeispower 

Sergio Santos says:

What amazing combination..Savvy Sexy & Social…love your videos!..this one
was really interesting see what the big boys do in SEO…maybe next video
some girls too..greetings from Japan!

One Broke Negro says:

+Savvy Sexy Social I needed this video 6 months ago! thank you for posting

Shahazad Bagwan says:

great one!

Mudflap2020 says:

Wyn say savy?, you say sappy, but I like it lol

Savvy Sexy Social says:
Let's Go Road Trippin says:

Great info! Hi from China

Kuba z Jutuba says:

Great idea for video, sharing secrets 🙂 btw is it possible to upload the
thumbnail b4 the video is processed?

Jake says:

) I splish splash while I’m takin a bath
Grab a handful of pills, break em in half, take em and laugh
White trash — fuckin your wife in the ass
While you’re out siphoning gas for your lawnmower to cut the grass

lesliefoundhergrail says:

LOVED that tip from Jonathan. I’ve been trying to use my tags more
creatively recently, so I’m gonna try the search bar trick. 

Jerry Neutron says:


Santiago Hinojosa says:

Awesome YouTube tips! Great video Amy! 

Mang Pedro says:

y u no have a bf? u so priteh

Gingy Tech says:

Had to watch it 3 times to catch EVERY bit of info… but +Savvy Sexy Social you
are SO helpful for making this video! Thanks to +Unbox Therapy +Jonathan
Morrison +macmixing +Austin Evans and +PhoneBuff for the amazing insights!

darkstar11235 says:

I’m so jelly that you got to go to vidcon. I’m gonna make it there next
year (fingers crossed)! And since I written this youtube comment I can’t go
back on my word haha :)

Brandon Benard says:

This is an awesome video I love when other youtubers I’m subscribed to come
together for collabs and even just hanging out

Jussie Hay says:

Interesting video but not really related to seo. 

Robert Jova says:

Good one … This is what I mean when I ask ” How do you make it on you
tube ? or How do you make money on /from you tube ? I don’t care about
their personal/financial info. Just like tips and tricks . Kinda like a RPG
walkthrough . …. Thank You . Be Safe . As Always . Bob

Jaime Bobo says:

ur fit man

SoTechSavvy says:

Great video, it actually was pretty helpful! Loving the collabs from all of

B Wilson says:

Great video and I have to ask, what kind of recorder or mic were you using
I really need one of those. Also when tagging videos will hashtags work in
YouTube search? 

Megan Pangan says:

nice portable mic (can I ask what kind?), and a blue dead kitten! great
vid, totally wasn’t thinking about some of these things. 

Techish MadMan says:

Unboxing is in dictionary.com o;

unknown123456789ize says:

This is my new fav video! Some really good information was put into this

Janson Borowko says:

5:35 the DeLorean accelerates to 88 mph and travels back to 1985

Bala Vignesh says:

if you could identify all your a a truely geeky :P

brownboii305 says:

What about MKBHD?

Jeff Allan says:

What about MKBHD? In my mind he is the best tech guy in the business.

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